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Sleeping Cat Software releases DeskPictRotator Pro 1.0

Nashua, NH, USA -- 10 Mar 2001 -- Sleeping Cat Software today announced
the release of version 1.0 of DeskPictRotator Pro, its long-anticipated
desktop picture program.

What is DeskPictRotator Pro?

DeskPictRotator Pro is a program for randomization of your desktop
picture. It offers many easy-to-use features, including:

*	A sortable list of pictures, including thumbnail representations,
	file name, and screen positioning (such as centered or tiled).

*	Screen positioning set on a picture basis.

*	Drag-and-drop support for adding pictures (files or folders) to the

*	Simple picture list management.

*	Selectable change interval, in seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

*	Scheduling features, where you can choose the time during which
	pictures will be changed, with the option to treat weekends
	differently from weekdays.

*	Change the pictures randomly or in order (based on sort order in
	the main window).

*	Ability to change the picture immediately, or to set a specific

*	Each picture can be located on any disk or in any folder.

*	Flexible picture preview generation, either automatic or manual.

*	Ability to stop changing pictures without quitting the program.

*	Internet link to find desktop pictures.

*	Multiple-monitor support (limited).

*	Balloon Help.

DeskPictRotator Pro offers a friendly, flexible way to have an
ever-changing desktop vista. Use it as a "digital picture frame,"
displaying your favorite family pictures, or just enjoy a view of
different beautiful landscapes as you work at your desk! The choice is

DeskPictRotator Pro is US$10 shareware. It is available for download
from the Sleeping Cat Software web site.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or other computer running MacOS
8.5 or later (but not MacOS X); a monitor capable of displaying
thousands of colors (recommended); 2.5MB application RAM; approximately
2MB disk space (plus space for pictures).


DeskPictRotator Pro 1.0 is available now, and may be downloaded through
our Web site at http://www.sleepingcatsoftware.com/.

About Sleeping Cat Software

Sleeping Cat Software was founded in 2000 by Richard Long, and is
focused on providing fine shareware and freeware for the Macintosh user.

Richard has worked in the computer industry since the mid-1980s, and has
owned a Macintosh since 1987.

Contact Information:
Richard Long:  richl@sleepingcatsoftware.com
Sleeping Cat Software Support:  support@sleepingcatsoftware.com
Press Contact:  info@sleepingcatsoftware.com
World Wide Web:  http://www.sleepingcatsoftware.com/
Phone and FAX contact is not available.


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